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Hello everyone, This winter has been the coldest in years. We have had quite a few large losses due to water damage and it is only the middle of February. The snow is piling up on peoples roofs and the ice is creating dams. A lot of homes are leaking now and it will only get worse if the weather ever warms up to 32 degrees. My technicians are the best I have ever had working for me. I am grooming my lead tech to buy our company in the next few years. He totally sees the value and treats it like his own now. Carpet cleaning is a real challenge when the temperature is below zero without the wind chill added on. They are getting it done. I will be heading to Florida for a week in March to play golf with some friends from Michigan. One of the benefits of owning a business versus owning a job. Jane and I have created a marketing/mentoring program to help other business owners in the cleaning field. The link is
We have spent tens of thousands of dollars learning our marketing techniques and now we are able to share our knowledge and assist others to create of profitable business. Exciting times ahead. If you are a second homeowner make sure you have someone cleaning your roof. Leave the heat on 55 and shut off the water pump when leaving to go home for the week. This could save you thousands of dollars and the loss of your home for a long time depending on the damage. Be safe and be dry. until next time. DonIMG_4012








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ch hill 158 19Hello everyone and a happy new year to all. Here are a few projects of water and mold related damage we have faced in the past year and in the present. Most of these damage claims could have been avoided if the homeowners had shut off the water pump before leaving for an extended period of time. These losses have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Simple insurance, shut off pump and leave heat on 55 degrees. It will be going down to -25 degrees tonight or lower depending on the wind chill. As soon as it warms up, all the frozen pipes will burst and flood more homes. It is a vicious cycle perpetrated by uninformed homeowners. I try to educate everyone I can. I write a column in the local newspaper listing these simple steps, but not everyone takes heed. It does keep us in business. It also pays to rake the snow off your roof because ice dams create a lot of damage to. All the best to you and your families in 2015. Stay dry and safe. Until next time , Peace Don.


IMGP1891Mgee2 Mgee20 IMGP1236 spy39002.jpgIt was a very hard winter in Vermont. We had record amounts of water damaged homes. This spring, the jobs kept coming in as well. If you had a water intrusion or you still have an active problem , you need to address the cause. Lots of ground water found its way into finished basements this spring. Some people need gutters to shed water away from their homes while others need excavation work and drainage. We are dealing with a fair amount of mold issues now that the weather is warming up. If you need an inspection for Humidity , water or mold problem call us in Southern Vermont. Contact us at . We sell and set up dehumidifiers to keep the relative humidity in a safe range in your home, basement or crawl space. There is a refundable fee for any report on mold. Check out some of the photos and I hope you never have these problems. Have a wonderful summer, and by the way, it’s time to clean all your carpet. After all, the carpet is the filter for your home and the filter needs cleaning.


ImageAs the weather starts to warm , the pipes start to burst. Sending thousands of gallons of water into your home. Call a professional restoration company to dry out your home. Do not wait for the insurance adjuster to examine your loss. They are very busy and it may be days before they get there. Start the remediation immediately. We are slammed with water damage at the present time. This is a real concern. Keep your heat at 55 degrees minimum and shut off your water pump. These two things will save you a lot of worry and damage. Have a warm and dry winter. So long for now. I hope this has been helpful.












suntec2suntec6Hello everyone, I want to share a story about a chimney fire that happened about 26 years ago. My former partner, Tony, lived in the country. Tony had ripped his pants one morning and was driving home to change. When he turned the corner , he saw smoke pouring from the windows in the house. Tony realized his roommate was still sleeping in the house. Tony rushed in and yelled for his roommate. His friend was sleeping on the floor by the woodstove where the air was still clear. That was one of the things that saved him from harm. When he woke he immediately dove through a window to safety. Tony turned around to leave and he could not find the door because the smoke was so thick. Just when he thought all was lost, he found the door handle and fumbled out into the fresh air. These two guys were very lucky. The pictures posted here are from a chimney fire I just came from. I have seen a lot of crazy things in the past 26 years of owning a restoration company. I have seen teen agers throw a cup of gasoline on a smoldering wood stove to get it going. I have witnesses several times the aftermath of someone cleaning out hot embers from a woodstove or fireplace and putting them in a bag or plastic container and setting them on the porch or better still , leaving them in the kitchen and then going out shopping for a couple of hours.
Please clean and have your chimney flus inspected yearly. Especially if you have rental property with a fireplace or stove. Have a safe and happy winter.






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The story of Catamount Carpet Cleaning Inc.

       Don Jones who was a trained professional  chef by trade had a dream to have his own business. He approached a friend that had his own pizzeria and pitched him an idea. His name was Tony Minichiello but everyone called him Tony Canoli. After doing some market research and talking to a number of business owners, Don and Tony decided that they would start up a carpet and upholstery  cleaning business.  Tony put together a pro-former for the local bank that they both had used for several years. After all , they were only looking to borrow $8800.00.  They both had good credit, so hard could it be. 
   They were about to find out. The bank sent a lady from another town to check out the application. She determined that there was not enough business in their town to warrant a carpet cleaning business, so she denied the loan. 
  Don and Tony were focused now more than ever to make this a reality. They had signed agreements from at least six property managers in town testifying that they would use the services of Catamount Carpet Cleaning. With these in hand, the two went to visit another banker in a town 21 miles away. He was recommended by one of the business owners. The banker liked Don and Tony and gave them the loan. So with a loan of $8800.00 and a signature on a new van , they began working in earnest on April 1st 1987. They had planned on doing about $70,000 the first year. In fact they generated $ 224,000. 
In six months they paid back the original loan. They borrowed another $30,000 and paid that back within the first year. They never could have accomplished what they did if they had listened to the naysayers. In 1995 Don bought out Tony and Tony went on to seek his fortune in Michigan.
    Catamount Carpet Cleaning continues to thrive 26 years later. They are a full service carpet cleaning company as well as water,soot,and mold restoration. They also do duct cleaning,sand less floor refinishing and tile and grout cleaning. Don attributes the success of Catamount to timing,tenacity,professional education and the support of his wife an family. 










ImageHello everyone, This winter has been crazy with water damage and mold remediation. This job is in a mansion located on top of a mountain in Vermont. We were called in several years ago for the same problem. There is a missing bit of insulation in the outside wall that lets in a small stream of frigid air. The water lines are located over the dining room. Unfortunately, the owners left the water pump on and when it froze and thawed it ran the well dry and burned out the pump. the flooring is a specialty hardwood and very expensive to replace. To compound the job the driveway is about a half mile long and very steep. We had a major snowstorm last night and will probably not get back to check equipment for at least 48 hours. The owners have decided to use spray foam insulation this time and my guess it will take care of the issue. Folks, it only takes a small opening to let in enough cold air to freeze pipes. When leaving shut off the water pump and leave the heat on at least 55 degrees. The heat was on 65 degrees in this home but the break was in the ceiling where it didn’t matter. You must have someone checking your vacation home on a weekly basis. This is cheap insurance and could save you thousands of dollars in damages. That’s it for now, enjoy the rest of the winter and stay warm and dry.








Hello everyone, I wanted to show what happens when you poison mice in your home instead of trapping them. If you start smelling what seems like dead animals decaying in your home it is because they are. The poison says on the box that the rodents will seek water and leave the house to die. What they do is bring the bait back to the nest and feed it to their young. They all die in the wall cavity and if their is a water intrusion into the home, the adults stay there and die as well. I have seen where the damage that is created can costs thousands of dollars to fix. If you see yellow discoloration spots on a drywall ceiling it is probably a dead mouse decaying and leaching through. We pulled down a ceiling in  a home that had more than thirty dead mice in the ceiling alone. When you walked into the home the smell of death was overpowering. So trap and don’t poison. Another thing to be aware of when redoing a bathroom with drywall. Don’t put in standard drywall. Use a moisture resistant drywall. See attached photos of what happens over time with the mold growth in a wet environment. Those are some tips to save you a lot of aggravation and money. have a great day until the next time. So long.


IMGP1724Hello all, We received a water damage call for a flooded home in the country. It was a broken plastic flex fitting in a water line that ran above the 5/8 drywall ceiling. What a mess when we discovered two feet thick blown in cellulistic insulation. Not only is this  a project but the builder put up the drywall ceiling, then put split logs for beams that attach themselves in such a way that you can’t get the wet sheetrock from under the beam. I don’t know how they will get new drywall ceilings under the beams to install. This will be a challenging job.

Plenty busy now with duct cleaning,mold remediation,carpet cleaning and water damage.  That’s it for now. Going to bed because morning comes really early around here. Peace Don