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Cleaning for the holidays

Being in the carpet cleaning business is especially challenging. First of all it is a service nobody really thinks about until they are having a special occasion or get together at their home. Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding or some other function. Then when the homeowner realizes how dirty their furniture and carpeting is they call their carpet cleaning company and they all want it done as soon as possible. It is usually the week before the holiday. Most cleaners are usually booked out several weeks in advance, so it is difficult to accommodate the last minute requests. We recommend a maintenance plan, where your home always looks great and it saves you time and money. Contact us at for details. People are busy with careers , kids and day to day challenges. We try to eliminate the stress by working with the client to making it a no brainer. Your home gets cleaned every six months and every other cleaning is 1/2 price. We call and do the scheduling and take total care of it.  So, don’t be stressed about the up coming holiday season. Call us or go to our web site and check it out. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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