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Raccoon invades home

January 26, 2011

I just came back from doing an evaluation of the property damage caused by a raccoon that got trapped in a home for several weeks. Unfortunately, the little fellow died. I believe he had a panic attack and died of a heart attack. We know he still had plenty to eat because he found out […]

Water Damage in your home

January 22, 2011

Hello Everyone, It is the season right now in the Northeast to be aware of your home freezing up and pipes bursting, causing serious damage to your dwelling. Tonight the temperature will be down to -30 degrees. If you are a second homeowner and you have left your thermostat on 50 degrees you may come […]

Sewage damage in your home

January 3, 2011

Hello all, I just want to give you all some important information about the dangers of a septic overflow in your home. It can happen at the most inoportune time. A houseful of people using your facilities, a septic system that hasn’t ¬†been pumped out on a regular basis or a clogged pipe. When this […]