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Here comes the flooding

February 28, 2011

Hi all, Jane and I were away for the weekend and while we were gone it snowed about 18 in of heavy wet snow. Today started out with a freezing sleet type rain. Needless to say everything is iced up but this afternoon it will turn over to all rain. Last April we had the […]

Ice Dams on Roofs

February 14, 2011

Hello everyone, Just a quick blurb about ice dams on your roofs. I know a lot of you don’t maintain your roofs during the winter. This is obvious by the amount of work we are doing that is associated with roof leaks. You really should take a snow rake and pull the snow off before […]

Falling Ice Danger

February 4, 2011

Hello all, As I am sitting here this morning looking out the window, I can’t help thinking about the time three years ago when I had to dive for my life. It was a sunny day and I was checking a home for water damage. We had about the same kind of winter as we […]