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Falling Ice Danger

Hello all, As I am sitting here this morning looking out the window, I can’t help thinking about the time three years ago when I had to dive for my life. It was a sunny day and I was checking a home for water damage. We had about the same kind of winter as we are having now. I backed my truck up to the side of the house, dropped the tailgate on my pick up truck and opened the outside storm door on the house. I heard this rumbling sound and I looked up. I immediately dove out of the way. A block of  ice I estimate to weigh about four hundred pounds dropped onto the top of the door and onto my tailgate. The door was demolished and my tailgate was ripped off my truck. Two people had been killed already in the state of Vermont by falling roof ice. Don’t let this happen to you. It is a real and present danger. Had this hit me I am quite sure it would have severly injured me or killed me. Be safe, be aware. Peace Don

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