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Ice Dams on Roofs

Hello everyone, Just a quick blurb about ice dams on your roofs. I know a lot of you don’t maintain your roofs during the winter. This is obvious by the amount of work we are doing that is associated with roof leaks. You really should take a snow rake and pull the snow off before it freezes and becomes a huge ice dam. What happens next is the melting snow becomes a pond in back of the dam. Believe me this water will find a way into your home. It comes in over the drip edge and soaks the inside walls and leaches out into the room, destroying carpet and hardwood floors. If left unattended you will have mold growth come spring time when the temperatures rise. You can also use heat tape for the roof edges or an enviormentally safe ice melt. If you are an absentee homeowner have someone take care of it for you. It is well worth the cost. Hope this helps. Peace Don

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