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Beaver Dam breaks floods home

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Hi all, We had a crazy job the other day. A client of ours had a flood in February when an ice dam broke and the ensuing snow ,water and ice broke through his glass slider doors and filled his bedroom with about three feet of snow and water. The whole house was wet from this event. We dried it out and restored his furnishings. Last week , a beaver dam broke about two miles upstream from his home. He had put a piece of plywood where the slider was for a tempoary fix. Unfortunately ,he put it inside the house and not on the outside wall. Well the water and mud crashed through his home again. This time there is no saving  the carpet and some other things. The previous owner lived there almost 30 years with out any mishaps . When nature runs amuck. Thank goodness he has a sense of humor. Thats it for now, just thought I would share this story with you all. Have a great summer.

One Response to “Beaver Dam breaks floods home”

  1. Wow! This is a Greek tragedy. I feel bad for this guy. Fixing his home after one water damage only to have another happen.

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