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Getting the town of Wilmington put back together

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Hello everyone, It has been awhile since the last post. A major flood happened in our sleepy little Vermont town on August 29th. After a month of hard work drying as many as we could,we have finally caught our breath. We had about 18 people working for the first three weeks following the disaster. Mike Johnson,owner of The Dry Guys, came from Wisconsin with two box trucks loaded with equipment and a crew of seven people. My son-in-law,owner of Catamount Response came from Massachusetts with his equipment and team of professionals as well. He has two Water Out trailers which we used to dry out many basements and crawl spaces. Many thanks to these great individuals for being there in our time of crisis. Some of the businesses we dried out have been rebuilt and are now open for business. Unfortunately,many of our clients did not have flood insurance and in addition to losing there livelihood have no money to rebuild. It will take years to have this town back to where it was before Irene hit. We are now faced with a lot of mold work in the vacation homes that got wet and sat  for over a month because the roads were not  and a lot of owners were dealing with flooding in New Jersey and Long Island. Our carpet cleaning got put on hold for the duration and now we are starting to catch up with this. Our techs are cleaning four to five homes a day. We also had a lot of oriental rugs come into our shop that had been damaged. One lady gave me a large rug of hers that a neighbor pulled out of the river three weeks after the flood. This was not salvageble. I have never seen such devastation up close and I hope never to see it again. One lady asked me what she should to with her home and I had to tell her to have it bulldozed,because there was no saving it. She held me and cried. This was a gut wrenching experience. We did save a number of the historical buildings in town. The ones that were built in the 1800’s seemed to stand up the best. They could breath and the mold did not run rampant like in the newer homes that are built so tight that they are actually incubators for mold. .’ about it for now,my wife and I are off to Vieques for a couple of weeks to sit in the sun ,Today it is snowing in Vermont. Peace Don

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