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Winter has finally arrived

Hello everyone, We had been sucked into a false sense of belief that perhaps we would not have a snowy winter this year. Our only snowfall was in the end of October and we received 15 inches. The contractors in the area that rely on snow were definitely hurting. The lack of snow and cold weather has affected our business as well. Well, that all changed last night when we received about 8 inches of fresh snow and colder temperatures. We also had a mix of freezing rain and high winds. Everyone is happy today, so much of the local economy depends on snow here in southern Vermont.  People are still recovering  from the devastation from Hurricane Irene . It will take a long time for things to get back to normal. We had been extremely busy doing mold remediation work that appeared after the hurricane. Now that winter is here, be sure to take care of your property to prevent serious water damage . If you have a second home , the cheapest insurance , in my opinion, is to have someone check your home on a weekly schedule. There are low temperature alarm systems available to contact you in case the power goes out in your home. I suggest keeping the heat on 55 degrees minimum to prevent freeze ups. Shut off the water pump and drain the pipes by opening all the faucets. This will prevent thousands of gallons of water flowing like a river through your home.

If  a disaster does befall your property, call a plumber immediately and then a certified water damage company like our’s to start drying out your home. Time is of the essence in preventing further damage. we offer a 24 hr/ 7 day a week response for emergencies. You can go to to see other steps you must take to protect your home and contents.  One other note that most homeowners are not aware of. Some insurance adjusters or companies try to steer the companies that they have contracted with to do the restoration job. It is not unlike the automobile body shop industry. In most cases the company with the relationship with the insurance company has the interest of the insurance company as its main focus. we,at Catamount Carpet and Restoration, always have the best interest of the homeowner as our main focus. Do your due  diligence and check references and

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testimonials from past and existing clients before agreeing to have any company do the restoration. I hope this helps and let it snow. Peace Don Jones

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