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Finally getting busy again

ImageHello everyone, The phones stopped ringing in January and let me tell you it was a very uncertain winter. We had very little snow in Vermont and not much cold weather. Our water damage restoration as well as our carpet cleaning fell off dramatically. A lot of businesses in our area are failing because of the devastation of hurricane Irene and the bad winter. We are more fortunate than most. I had laid off several employees in May , which is traditionally one of our busiest months for cleaning, after mud season. We were finding that nobody has any money in the area. The inns and resturants are barely surving and the seasonal rental market was way off this past winter. The phones are ringing and we have been booking jobs like crazy recently. It looks like we are over the hump. Jane and I spent six weeks in St. Maarten in April and May, so we are definitely recharged and giving it 100%. I heard from many of my peers in the restoration field and they to had a slow winter. We are continuing to do all the necessary marketing and it is paying off. Thats all for now . We are cleaning all the carpet in a local college this week end. Halalujeh!


One Response to “Finally getting busy again”

  1. Don & Jane,
    Glad to hear things are picking up. The ” in-between” times can be pretty tough … that’s why I think entrepreneurs are true adventurers!

    I love to read your posts because of your authenticity. So many business owners are afraid to be real and gut-level honest when business slows down. Truth is … We all experience it and we can learn from one another.

    You guys are the coolest!
    Nicole Guillory Wenger

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