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All it takes is a pin hole to freeze pipes










ImageHello everyone, This winter has been crazy with water damage and mold remediation. This job is in a mansion located on top of a mountain in Vermont. We were called in several years ago for the same problem. There is a missing bit of insulation in the outside wall that lets in a small stream of frigid air. The water lines are located over the dining room. Unfortunately, the owners left the water pump on and when it froze and thawed it ran the well dry and burned out the pump. the flooring is a specialty hardwood and very expensive to replace. To compound the job the driveway is about a half mile long and very steep. We had a major snowstorm last night and will probably not get back to check equipment for at least 48 hours. The owners have decided to use spray foam insulation this time and my guess it will take care of the issue. Folks, it only takes a small opening to let in enough cold air to freeze pipes. When leaving shut off the water pump and leave the heat on at least 55 degrees. The heat was on 65 degrees in this home but the break was in the ceiling where it didn’t matter. You must have someone checking your vacation home on a weekly basis. This is cheap insurance and could save you thousands of dollars in damages. That’s it for now, enjoy the rest of the winter and stay warm and dry.


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