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The story of Catamount Carpet Cleaning Inc.

       Don Jones who was a trained professional  chef by trade had a dream to have his own business. He approached a friend that had his own pizzeria and pitched him an idea. His name was Tony Minichiello but everyone called him Tony Canoli. After doing some market research and talking to a number of business owners, Don and Tony decided that they would start up a carpet and upholstery  cleaning business.  Tony put together a pro-former for the local bank that they both had used for several years. After all , they were only looking to borrow $8800.00.  They both had good credit, so hard could it be. 
   They were about to find out. The bank sent a lady from another town to check out the application. She determined that there was not enough business in their town to warrant a carpet cleaning business, so she denied the loan. 
  Don and Tony were focused now more than ever to make this a reality. They had signed agreements from at least six property managers in town testifying that they would use the services of Catamount Carpet Cleaning. With these in hand, the two went to visit another banker in a town 21 miles away. He was recommended by one of the business owners. The banker liked Don and Tony and gave them the loan. So with a loan of $8800.00 and a signature on a new van , they began working in earnest on April 1st 1987. They had planned on doing about $70,000 the first year. In fact they generated $ 224,000. 
In six months they paid back the original loan. They borrowed another $30,000 and paid that back within the first year. They never could have accomplished what they did if they had listened to the naysayers. In 1995 Don bought out Tony and Tony went on to seek his fortune in Michigan.
    Catamount Carpet Cleaning continues to thrive 26 years later. They are a full service carpet cleaning company as well as water,soot,and mold restoration. They also do duct cleaning,sand less floor refinishing and tile and grout cleaning. Don attributes the success of Catamount to timing,tenacity,professional education and the support of his wife an family. 

2 Responses to “The Catamount Carpet story”

  1. It has been a great 26 years….and I helped 🙂

  2. A colleague referred me to this resource. Thnx for the information.

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