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Memorable disaster jobs 2014 and 2015







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ch hill 158 19Hello everyone and a happy new year to all. Here are a few projects of water and mold related damage we have faced in the past year and in the present. Most of these damage claims could have been avoided if the homeowners had shut off the water pump before leaving for an extended period of time. These losses have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Simple insurance, shut off pump and leave heat on 55 degrees. It will be going down to -25 degrees tonight or lower depending on the wind chill. As soon as it warms up, all the frozen pipes will burst and flood more homes. It is a vicious cycle perpetrated by uninformed homeowners. I try to educate everyone I can. I write a column in the local newspaper listing these simple steps, but not everyone takes heed. It does keep us in business. It also pays to rake the snow off your roof because ice dams create a lot of damage to. All the best to you and your families in 2015. Stay dry and safe. Until next time , Peace Don.

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