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This winter is like working in Siberia

Hello everyone, This winter has been the coldest in years. We have had quite a few large losses due to water damage and it is only the middle of February. The snow is piling up on peoples roofs and the ice is creating dams. A lot of homes are leaking now and it will only get worse if the weather ever warms up to 32 degrees. My technicians are the best I have ever had working for me. I am grooming my lead tech to buy our company in the next few years. He totally sees the value and treats it like his own now. Carpet cleaning is a real challenge when the temperature is below zero without the wind chill added on. They are getting it done. I will be heading to Florida for a week in March to play golf with some friends from Michigan. One of the benefits of owning a business versus owning a job. Jane and I have created a marketing/mentoring program to help other business owners in the cleaning field. The link is
We have spent tens of thousands of dollars learning our marketing techniques and now we are able to share our knowledge and assist others to create of profitable business. Exciting times ahead. If you are a second homeowner make sure you have someone cleaning your roof. Leave the heat on 55 and shut off the water pump when leaving to go home for the week. This could save you thousands of dollars and the loss of your home for a long time depending on the damage. Be safe and be dry. until next time. DonIMG_4012

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