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This winter is like working in Siberia

February 19, 2015

Hello everyone, This winter has been the coldest in years. We have had quite a few large losses due to water damage and it is only the middle of February. The snow is piling up on peoples roofs and the ice is creating dams. A lot of homes are leaking now and it will only […]

Freezing in the northeast

January 13, 2014

As the weather starts to warm , the pipes start to burst. Sending thousands of gallons of water into your home. Call a professional restoration company to dry out your home. Do not wait for the insurance adjuster to examine your loss. They are very busy and it may be days before they get there. […]

Beware the Chimney Fire

December 29, 2013

Hello everyone, I want to share a story about a chimney fire that happened about 26 years ago. My former partner, Tony, lived in the country. Tony had ripped his pants one morning and was driving home to change. When he turned the corner , he saw smoke pouring from the windows in the house. […]

The Catamount Carpet story

April 1, 2013

The story of Catamount Carpet Cleaning Inc.        Don Jones who was a trained professional  chef by trade had a dream to have his own business. He approached a friend that had his own pizzeria and pitched him an idea. His name was Tony Minichiello but everyone called him Tony Canoli. After doing […]

All it takes is a pin hole to freeze pipes

February 9, 2013

Hello everyone, This winter has been crazy with water damage and mold remediation. This job is in a mansion located on top of a mountain in Vermont. We were called in several years ago for the same problem. There is a missing bit of insulation in the outside wall that lets in a small stream […]

Are you poisoning mice in your home?

January 19, 2013

Hello everyone, I wanted to show what happens when you poison mice in your home instead of trapping them. If you start smelling what seems like dead animals decaying in your home it is because they are. The poison says on the box that the rodents will seek water and leave the house to die. […]

water damage with blown in insulation

January 9, 2013

Hello all, We received a water damage call for a flooded home in the country. It was a broken plastic flex fitting in a water line that ran above the 5/8 drywall ceiling. What a mess when we discovered two feet thick blown in cellulistic insulation. Not only is this  a project but the builder […]


January 9, 2013

Are you prepared for winter?

October 13, 2012

Hello everyone, The temperature is 22 degrees this morning. Is your heat on at least 55 degrees? Is your water pump still on. Did you leave a window open when you went back to the city? These are some things you need to think about as the cold weather approaches. In the past twenty-five years we […]

Finally getting busy again

June 8, 2012

Hello everyone, The phones stopped ringing in January and let me tell you it was a very uncertain winter. We had very little snow in Vermont and not much cold weather. Our water damage restoration as well as our carpet cleaning fell off dramatically. A lot of businesses in our area are failing because of […]