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Spring has Sprung

March 24, 2012

Hello everyone, Well spring has come early to the northeast this year. Just about all the snow is gone from our property. Usually we still have about five feet or more this time of year. The lack of cold weather has put our business in a slow preiod but now it is picking up nicely. […]

Words of Wisdom with the Wizard

March 16, 2012

Getting things done

Winter has finally arrived

January 14, 2012

Hello everyone, We had been sucked into a false sense of belief that perhaps we would not have a snowy winter this year. Our only snowfall was in the end of October and we received¬†15 inches. The contractors in the area that rely on snow were definitely hurting. The lack of snow and cold weather […]

Getting the town of Wilmington put back together

October 27, 2011

Hello everyone, It has been awhile since the last post. A major flood happened in our sleepy little Vermont town on August 29th. After a month of hard work drying as many¬†as we could,we have finally caught our breath. We had about 18 people working for the first three weeks following the disaster. Mike Johnson,owner […]

Major Flood In Southern Vermont

September 9, 2011

Where to begin. Jane and I were in Utah when we got a report of flooding in Vermont. We turned on the national news and what we saw horrified us. A local resturant ,Dot’s had water rushing through it up to the roof line. As the footage rolled we saw that about six feet of […]

Falling Ice Danger

February 4, 2011

Hello all, As I am sitting here this morning looking out the window, I can’t help thinking about the time three years ago when I had to dive for my life. It was a sunny day and I was checking a home for water damage. We had about the same kind of winter as we […]

Raccoon invades home

January 26, 2011

I just came back from doing an evaluation of the property damage caused by a raccoon that got trapped in a home for several weeks. Unfortunately, the little fellow died. I believe he had a panic attack and died of a heart attack. We know he still had plenty to eat because he found out […]

More on mold in the home

November 19, 2010

Today we will discuss the importance of maintaining the proper humidity in your home, If the relative humidity rises to over 60 % then that is a perfect enviorment for mold growth. Most of the finished basements here in the northeast have a high humidity problem. The way to eliminate that is by proper dehumidification. […]

mold problems in your home

November 15, 2010

Good day. Just a short note this morning about some frequently asked questions I get about mold in some of our clients home. Q- If I see what I think to be mold , is it? A- Generally speaking if you see it you have it. But that is not always enough to determine the […]

Hello world!

November 15, 2010

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