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This winter is like working in Siberia

February 19, 2015

Hello everyone, This winter has been the coldest in years. We have had quite a few large losses due to water damage and it is only the middle of February. The snow is piling up on peoples roofs and the ice is creating dams. A lot of homes are leaking now and it will only […]

The Catamount Carpet story

April 1, 2013

The story of Catamount Carpet Cleaning Inc.        Don Jones who was a trained professional  chef by trade had a dream to have his own business. He approached a friend that had his own pizzeria and pitched him an idea. His name was Tony Minichiello but everyone called him Tony Canoli. After doing […]

Finally getting busy again

June 8, 2012

Hello everyone, The phones stopped ringing in January and let me tell you it was a very uncertain winter. We had very little snow in Vermont and not much cold weather. Our water damage restoration as well as our carpet cleaning fell off dramatically. A lot of businesses in our area are failing because of […]