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Memorable disaster jobs 2014 and 2015

January 7, 2015

Hello everyone and a happy new year to all. Here are a few projects of water and mold related damage we have faced in the past year and in the present. Most of these damage claims could have been avoided if the homeowners had shut off the water pump before leaving for an extended period […]

Getting the town of Wilmington put back together

October 27, 2011

Hello everyone, It has been awhile since the last post. A major flood happened in our sleepy little Vermont town on August 29th. After a month of hard work drying as many¬†as we could,we have finally caught our breath. We had about 18 people working for the first three weeks following the disaster. Mike Johnson,owner […]

Beaver Dam breaks floods home

June 10, 2011

Hi all, We had a crazy job the other day. A client of ours had a flood in February when an ice dam broke and the ensuing snow ,water and ice broke through his glass slider doors and filled his bedroom with about three feet of snow and water. The whole house was wet from […]

Here comes the flooding

February 28, 2011

Hi all, Jane and I were away for the weekend and while we were gone it snowed about 18 in of heavy wet snow. Today started out with a freezing sleet type rain. Needless to say everything is iced up but this afternoon it will turn over to all rain. Last April we had the […]