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This winter is like working in Siberia

February 19, 2015

Hello everyone, This winter has been the coldest in years. We have had quite a few large losses due to water damage and it is only the middle of February. The snow is piling up on peoples roofs and the ice is creating dams. A lot of homes are leaking now and it will only […]

Memorable disaster jobs 2014 and 2015

January 7, 2015

Hello everyone and a happy new year to all. Here are a few projects of water and mold related damage we have faced in the past year and in the present. Most of these damage claims could have been avoided if the homeowners had shut off the water pump before leaving for an extended period […]

Winter has finally arrived

January 14, 2012

Hello everyone, We had been sucked into a false sense of belief that perhaps we would not have a snowy winter this year. Our only snowfall was in the end of October and we received¬†15 inches. The contractors in the area that rely on snow were definitely hurting. The lack of snow and cold weather […]