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Well ,we survived the winter

IMGP1891Mgee2 Mgee20 IMGP1236 spy39002.jpgIt was a very hard winter in Vermont. We had record amounts of water damaged homes. This spring, the jobs kept coming in as well. If you had a water intrusion or you still have an active problem , you need to address the cause. Lots of ground water found its way into finished basements this spring. Some people need gutters to shed water away from their homes while others need excavation work and drainage. We are dealing with a fair amount of mold issues now that the weather is warming up. If you need an inspection for Humidity , water or mold problem call us in Southern Vermont. Contact us at . We sell and set up dehumidifiers to keep the relative humidity in a safe range in your home, basement or crawl space. There is a refundable fee for any report on mold. Check out some of the photos and I hope you never have these problems. Have a wonderful summer, and by the way, it’s time to clean all your carpet. After all, the carpet is the filter for your home and the filter needs cleaning.

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