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Beware the Chimney Fire











suntec2suntec6Hello everyone, I want to share a story about a chimney fire that happened about 26 years ago. My former partner, Tony, lived in the country. Tony had ripped his pants one morning and was driving home to change. When he turned the corner , he saw smoke pouring from the windows in the house. Tony realized his roommate was still sleeping in the house. Tony rushed in and yelled for his roommate. His friend was sleeping on the floor by the woodstove where the air was still clear. That was one of the things that saved him from harm. When he woke he immediately dove through a window to safety. Tony turned around to leave and he could not find the door because the smoke was so thick. Just when he thought all was lost, he found the door handle and fumbled out into the fresh air. These two guys were very lucky. The pictures posted here are from a chimney fire I just came from. I have seen a lot of crazy things in the past 26 years of owning a restoration company. I have seen teen agers throw a cup of gasoline on a smoldering wood stove to get it going. I have witnesses several times the aftermath of someone cleaning out hot embers from a woodstove or fireplace and putting them in a bag or plastic container and setting them on the porch or better still , leaving them in the kitchen and then going out shopping for a couple of hours.
Please clean and have your chimney flus inspected yearly. Especially if you have rental property with a fireplace or stove. Have a safe and happy winter.

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